Your wedding or special event is an opportunity for you to express your style through flowers. If you are someone who understands the importance of buying locally grown organic food and ecologically produced products, your event should reflect that. That's why Molly's Gardens specializes in providing flowers for eco-friendly and socially responsible events.

Many of the flowers sold today are imported from developing countries where pesticide use is high and wages are very low. But we believe that most people would prefer to purchase flowers that are grown in socially responsible and sustainable ways. That's why we carefully choose products that support fair labor, sustainable agricultural practices, and lesser environmental impact. Supporting sustainable farming and community organic gardening benefits us all.

Let Molly's Gardens help you plan an event that balances your style and ecology. We offer fresh ideas, quality work, and truly personal service—from the first consultation to the wedding day set-up. We use organically and locally grown flowers in season. Whenever possible, we
use recycled and re-usable containers. We can also help you find other area businesses that support a healthy and sustainable community.

Molly has over ten years of experience creating unique and inspiring wedding designs.

Getting Started
Contact us to schedule a consultation. We'll meet to discuss possibilities for flowers that will complement your event. Then we will send you a proposal with cost estimates for the flowers we discussed. When you decide to reserve your wedding date, we ask for a $100 deposit. We can meet again to finalize plans before the event.

See Samples of My Wedding Designs